We are made of history! The story you tell about yourself is the story that is defining you. Relearn to tell a new story, as beautiful as you!

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There's something sweet and attractive about being around people who are people, you know? As I matured with the events of life, I realized this desire to be close to authentic people, in an attempt to find my own authenticity. Authenticity, however, is not as simple to achieve as turning the light switch on and off. Do not.

Authenticity is an achievement, it is the result of a work of self-knowledge. The more I know myself, the more I discover what I am and what I am not, the more I develop.

In parallel, I realized that working with tales and stories was providing an increasingly varied internal world. Somehow the narrative structure of the tales and stories, the contact with different experiences and, consequently, different perspectives and angles of a story, brought internal movement to me.

The story we tell about ourselves has power, it ends up defining us. What is the story you are telling yourself? Are you the one who tells your story or are others telling the story for you? Rescuing who we were and understanding who we are, honoring our history, celebrating our moments and putting our learnings in a tale to be returned to the ocean of stories is what I propose in the Biographical Tales Workshop.

By not telling our story, others will be able to do that and they will probably tell it in a way that we wouldn't. In this workshop, I invite you to appropriate what makes you human, what makes you human, and to be the protagonist of your own history.


If you want one of the things below this Workshop is for you

  • Find yourself

  • Connect with your intuition

  • Honor your history and your past

  • Recognize and accept our own life story and what makes us human

  • Be the main voice, the protagonist in your life

  • Develop mobility to perceive different angles and points of view

  • Stimulating creativity, intuition and imaginative thinking

  • Empowerment, self-confidence and autonomy with choices that arise from the clarity of your history

  • Having someone to lead you with empathy and clarity in your biographical process

  • Doing something you possibly never imagined; create and tell a biography

  • A method for creating tales


Look what it meant the workshop
Biographical Tales for Monica

Monica Cunha

Presenter of Manhã Total da Record


  • For you that seeks self-knowledge and self-development

  • For you who want to honor your past and rescue your history

  • For you who would like to handle complex and difficult things lightly

  • For you who seek greater clarity about yourself and your movements

  • For you who want to improve your storytelling technique

  • For you who work with systemic therapies, coaching, psychology, education or communication

  • For you who are very rational and need to develop your intuition

  • For you who realized that knowing how to use your imagination is knowing how to create a new reality

  • For you who would like to write your own story

  • For you who like tales, metaphors and creative freedom

  • For you who are looking for a safe and welcoming place to talk about challenging things

  • For you that seeks to share something that is already concluded in your life, or even, to reframe your learning by valuing your memory


How will the Workshop take place in practice?

  • 05 Online and Live Meetings
  • Datas turma Junho 2021 (às terça feiras): 22/06/2021 - 29/06/2021 - 06/07/2021 - 13/07/2021 - 20/07/2021
  • 09:00h as 12:00h Horário de Brasília
  • Duração Aproximada de cada encontro - 3h
  • Through the Zoom platform

And more:



What makes us human

This meeting seeks to discover and recognize all aspects that make up the experience of being human. With that clear, we started to see possibilities that went unnoticed and whose ones we can use in the composition of our biography

Investigating your memory

Here, we will try to bring to life through storytelling exercises the memories of life that may turn out to be a short story.

Discovering the gifts of your history

We all learn something in our lives. Perhaps we just need to rescue these learnings to tell the story of how they came about.

Coaching Storytelling

Here we will use some storytelling techniques that improve the experience of whoever tells and hears the story while bringing clarity and option to your composition

Telling your story

The day has come! Today is where your story will be completed. Our story is complete when we return it to the ocean of stories.


Anna Rossetto is the creator of Contoterapia®, she is a Systemic Therapist and a specialist in creating short stories and Storytelling. Co-author of the Conflict Resolution Manual and the Best-Seller Contos que Curam. Today he resides in England, where he specializes at the International School of Storytelling at the anthroposophical college of Emerson College. Graduated in Biological Reprogramming®, Non-Violent Communication, Coaching, Contoexpression, Storytelling in addition to several other systemic and therapeutic formations that influence her methodology. Post-graduated in Storytelling and Children's Musicalization. It helps people to use the creation and telling of stories and tales as a way of self-development, with the objective of tuning in a new reality, aiming at the resolution of biological, systemic and emotional conflicts.


  • Maria Fernanda Campos Maria Fernanda Campos Youtube Channel Storyteller Mamatrioska - 2019
    Anna, gratitude for always activating creativity in a playful way with an immense depth of meaning in my story. "" Anna Rossetto immense gratitude! You are a special person! Thank you for sharing knowledge and for giving generously of what you set out to do. During this period, I was able to broaden my horizons in relation to storytelling with a more therapeutic look, breaking various paradigms and blocks and exercising something that only makes me feel good. A lot of learning! I want more! I want to learn more and go deeper in understanding and mixing these sciences through which you transit with mastery. Thanks again
  • Marleide Falcão Marleide Falcão Phenomenological Therapist, Consultant, Speaker - 2019
    Immense gratitude, I am calm, feeling a lightness in my being and already glimpsing new horizons.
  • Nubia Medeiros Nubia Medeiros Psychologist - 2019
    The knowledge that you provided me in the awakening of new possibilities will be very important in my care with patients. I had never imagined that such a magical resource existed in the construction of history and in the act of its story. Thank you very much and my eternal gratitude.
  • Elaine Cunha Elaine Cunha Storyteller Walking and Telling - 2020
    In experiencing the writing of the conflict, I could feel the whole movement of its resolution. I was able to understand the synchronicity of the facts that followed during the workshop and how we were all impacted during the process. I developed a more systemic look at the events around me.
  • Ana Paula Farhat Ana Paula Farhat Aromatherapist - 2020
    Gratitude Anna, it is always an experience full of connection at the workshop meetings. Super recommended for everyone, Oficina de Contos Curativos does not need to be a professional in the field, just allow yourself to experience the new. I experienced the new, I was enchanted, I overcame myself and I feel more empowered, invigorated.
  • Elizabeth Dourado Elizabeth Golden 2020
    The healing story workshop with Anna Rossetto is incredible. It provided working with conflicts in a subtle and playful way, transporting resources from the world of imagination through metaphors to everyday life, bringing clarity, awakening forces and values that were not previously perceived.
  • Ana Paula Franco Siqueira Ana Paula Franco Siqueira
    Participating in the Contoterapia® Biographical Tales Workshop was to revisit childhood and adolescence through the 5 senses. Writing the story was definitely healing. It brought me new looks and perceptions about human relationships and about myself. It is an opportunity for rich self-knowledge. - Ana Paula


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    Acesso à todas as aulas

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      Will there be certification after the conclusion of the Biographical Tales Workshop?

      Yes, the participant will receive the certificate of completion and participation in the workshop after completing 100% of class hours.

      How many people can participate?

      The meetings have a limited number of 08 participants because connection and reception requires time and presence. It is not just a matter of passing on content, but a question of developing ourselves as human beings.

      What is the workload of the Biographical Tales Workshop?

      10 hours.


      How long do I have access to recorded classes and meetings?

      Up to one year after the start of the live meetings.

      When do I start?

      On the days and times announced above.

      How are we going to meet?

      We will use the Zoom video conferencing platform. You can find the download link here - . An invitation will be sent to the what's app group with all members of the class one week before the live meetings start. Every week a new link will be sent, for security reasons, a few minutes before the meeting in the what's app group.

      What do I need to have to participate in the meetings?

      Internet access, the higher the bandwidth, the more likely the connection will be satisfactory and without interruptions. You will need a device to access the conference call room, both on your cell phone and on your computer. We request the use of headphones, although it is not mandatory, they improve the experience during the meeting. Arrive willingly to get to know yourself and face challenging aspects of yourself to be worked with the help of tales and the group.

      How does the payment work?

      Payment can be made up to 12x through the Eduzz platform, our virtual teaching environment.

      Do I need experience with therapies or storytelling to participate in the workshop?

      No. The workshop is designed to be dynamic and facilitate access to your life story as well as getting to know the other's life story. So, little by little we build a safe space for self-knowledge and self-development, honoring our life story with the help of storytelling exercises that are part of the storytelling profession.

      Is this workshop for self-application or for professional use?

      Both situations. As we meet and you go through the process that the workshop proposes, you apply it to yourself and learn how to make use of that proposal. So, if you want to apply professionally, you can use what you learned during the workshop.

      Will I be able to use Storytelling in my work later?

      Certainly. In the workshop you will learn techniques to create and shape a story out of conflict. We are all storytellers and with the workshop we want you to access the creative and intuitive parts of yourself so that your imagination is part of your daily life. However, if you want to work with storytelling professionally, I strongly recommend that you continue your studies in this area, as it is vast and requires practice and experience.

      Is this psychotherapeutic work?

      No, although it is possible to find many similarities and similar benefits. My experience with contotherapy as methodology and philosophy came from integrative systemic therapies, that is, techniques that use systemic, holistic, integral thinking to look at human development issues and my training in Personal and Self Coaching. We will not be looking to the past except for questions of understanding. Coaching is a methodology that aims at solutions and a desired future scenario and how to get there. Contoterapia® uses this thought in its structure.

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