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Integrative Approach
of mind

This meeting is an invitation to dive into ourselves and get to know what is most curative in today's psychology: the techniques of processing memories.

How AIM works

Integrative Approach to Mind

Why do I offer this service?

I've been working with tales as a tool for self-knowledge. In this work of contotherapy, there is a workshop for the creation of biographical tales and it aims to honor and appropriate our history, reframe some of the most important moments of our lives and share what is alive in us, our learning and our humanity. . The main feature of this workshop is that we create stories from life memories, and, to work on those memories, one of the approaches I use is the AIM - Integrative Approach to the Mind of the psychiatrist and neuropsearcher Dr. Diogo Lara, which aims to reconsolidate memories, expanding our capacity for emotional and mental processing of traumatic or dramatic events.

How can the Integrative Mind Approach help you?

Our self-esteem is massively influenced by our memories. Being able to elaborate these memories in such a way that their emotional impact is not so determinant in our current behavior is what happens in this service. Dr. Diogo Lara makes an analogy with the memory capacity of computers. Sometimes, we have an 8gb event processing capacity. When we go through an AIM session, with the help of the facilitator, we expand this memory processing capacity by 32gb, 64gb, 128gb and so on. Before, a traumatic or dramatic memory generated enormous discomfort and limited us in many moments of our lives, then, that same memory no longer brings with it so much discomfort and we become more liberated and light.

In this service that lasts around 1 hour we raise what are the main symptoms or complaints. Once the context of this memory is clear, we do what we call "diving". The session is a kind of “mind surgery” in which the client is able to resolve the traumas, dramas and plots of the past that damage his life in the present. Clients often report achieving deeper and clearer results in a few AIM sessions than in years of doing other types of therapy. The Integrated Approach to Mind - AIM - combines the best of 15 lines of psychology and meditation. We met virtually and with the help of bineural sounds we performed the “dive” for memory processing. At the end of the session, the person presents a significant improvement in the emotions generated by the event worked on.

What are the greatest benefits of the Program?

There are moments that we would only like to feel internal harmony, right?
During the process, you will feel that sense of well-being, that things within us are in a good place, that we are capable of handling any challenge that presents itself.

Feeling of integration and unity

Increase in vitality, safety, internal harmony and well-being

Increase in your ability to process traumatic or dramatic memories that influence your self-esteem

Self-knowledge and self-development

Take ownership of the story itself

AIM is indicated for:


The level of emotional healing that can be achieved in a service produces a sense of integration and unity and an increase in vitality, security, inner harmony and well-being.


It is also common to have total remission of symptoms or, at least, a great improvement in those who suffer from anxiety disorders (eg panic, post-traumatic stress), mood (eg depression, bipolar disorder), personality (eg borderline ), behavior (eg compulsions, aggression, drug abuse) and psychosomatic illnesses (eg migraine, psoriasis).


Clients often report achieving deeper and clearer results in a few AIM sessions than in years of doing other types of therapy.


The most important thing is to have the willingness to know yourself more and to dive into a deep journey of your history. Sometimes, it is in the cave that we are afraid to enter that is the treasure we are looking for.

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