O Cavalo Mágico

The Magic Horse

Once upon a time there was a king who had a beautiful daughter. When she grew up, the king devised a trick to test his suitors. He fed a flea until it was the size of a camel. So he killed her and took off her skin, announcing that the man who guessed what ...

A Varinha Mágica

The Magic Wand

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was feeling bored with her toys. She was sitting under a leafy tree at the bottom of her garden, when, suddenly, a small branch broke and fell from the tree to the ground. It fell right next to her and ...

O Triângulo do Equilíbrio

The Triangle of Balance

Once upon a time and not once, a line of strong women, who always helped those in need, no matter who sought help, no matter what time of the day, no matter what type of situation was to be resolved, the women of that lineage always ...

Você imagina ou fantasia?

Do you imagine or fantasy?

Have you ever wondered the difference between imagination and fantasy? Yes? Not? Don't you think it's relevant? Far beyond the semantics this question takes us to a place of #auto-knowledge and the invitation here is to follow in the text to discover why this is so important to you ....

Qual história você conta para si mesmo?

What story do you tell yourself?

Isn't it today that I wonder if there is a way to control my life? Do you ask yourself that question too? Is there a way to influence the results I experience? There is a crucial moment of choice that has led me to the now or life is like that ...

Para salvar o dia … empatia

To save the day ... empathy

Sunday morning. The children have not yet risen and we are lazy on the couch. While he watches TV, I check emails on his cell phone. I end up opening one of these decoration newsletters and I see inspiring images that always leave us in the mood to reshape ...

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