The Garden of God

contoterapia jardim de deus

Written by Anna Rossetto


Here we will have a tale for children aged 4 to 8 years who has faced some challenges at bedtime or nightmares. This tale helps to pack them back to sleep and uses the classic inspiration of the stork that takes the child back to "sweet dreamland".

Have you ever wondered where God lives? Try to imagine his house, not a house like the one you live in, but in a beautiful garden that God calls 'heaven'. Here the plants have silver leaves, silvered like moonlight in the dark of the sea, and their flower petals are golden, as golden as the sun. There are many rainbow flower gardens extending their bright colors from island to island. There are so many beautiful things in the garden of God that it would be impossible to describe them to you tonight.

However, there is one thing I want to tell you. between the gardens of golden and silvery plants runs a small vivid stream, a stream not of water drops like the rivers and streams of our world. This stream is full of thousands of tiny star lights, jumping and pushing and turning together. The stream weaves its way into the garden of God, after traveling through the distant corners of the night sky, collecting new star lights along the way. When it reaches the center of the garden, the garden of heaven, this stream turns into a large waterfall. All the little lights of stars sparkling and shining like the sun - you almost go blind with their radiant glow!

Well, as you can imagine, all the little star lights that turn on the waterfall feel very excited and privileged to be part of that wonderful lake of light. They remember the stories that their star mothers often tell, about the great journey they had to take to reach this very important place, and about the great white angels that surround the lake with their loving embrace. The little star lights can see them now - everywhere, to Beria on the light side, with their bright white wings spread out touching each other, arranged in magnificent splendor. Can you imagine this beautiful sight?

The star lights are not just excited to be here, but with the new journey and task that presents itself to each of them. They know that birds, white angels, are special messengers from God. Near the lakeside, the angel-birds await news from the distant land that a new baby, boy or girl, is about to be born in the world. Upon hearing such news, one of the angel birds flies to the lake of light and chooses a small starlight. Holding her in a silk cradle, he then sets out beyond the garden of God and through the night sky - flying on a long journey down to earth.

This starlight is a gift from heaven that God gives to every child born on earth. The angel-bird, upon arriving in the world after its long journey, from the garden of heaven, gives this wonderful gift to the new baby. He puts the starlight inside the baby's heart and there it stays forever, warm and bright.

Here is a little prayer for the starlight given to each child born;

Little star, who comes from far away,

Guide my way, be my companion

Little star, hot and shiny like a candle flame

In the darkness, be light that watches over me.

I wonder what little starlight was chosen for you when you were born.

Perhaps God has given each of us a little starlight from his lake of light in the sky because He wants to share his own garden, his own home with all of us. So, if you ask yourself where God lives, your home is never far away, we all have a small part of it each right here inside us, right here on earth.

This story is by author Susan Perrow and you find it in her book Healing Stories for Challenging Behaviors. Use, adapt, get inspired to recreate the best way you consider for your moment.

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