What can be behind the repetitive situations we live in?

The day we fell in a blow we decided to sit and talk, Jean and me. He gave! We were in a frustrating sequence of events and people in our lives that we couldn't put off any longer. Or we would sit and we understood what life was talking about with us or possibly the next events or people could be more difficult.

We were living small frustrations, we realized that we did not agree with some other people's behavior towards us, we perceived some situations outside of our control, and that's okay, part of it, we were not able to have control of everything, just as frustrations often come to wake us up for new possibilities, rescuing us from illusions. It was nothing much until the moment of the coup. It was nothing we would like to bother to look at until then.

Yes, because, here we know, nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing outside of us is not in any way related to us, with our responsibility, either directly or indirectly, either in the way we receive or in the way we react. And looking at it takes work, it’s challenger, can be uncomfortable and emotionally tiring.

So, falling for the coup was the moment that led us to sit and look more broadly, more comprehensively and systemically at the events of recent times, the people and situations that somehow we couldn't forget, that we couldn't give or find a good place in our heart.

We wrote down the name of the person or the situation on a piece of paper and under the name we wrote down what we had felt and that we were still carrying with us, almost as if we were carrying a heavy suitcase unnecessarily. It was still a moment of gathering information, we wrote everything, judgments, analyzes, observations and feelings with the help of letters from #Nonviolentcommunication, (and if you want to download a list of feelings offered by CNV just click on here ).

Situations noted, feelings discovered, we asked ourselves “What is the common feeling among all these events or people?”And when I arrived at the word that could be used in all situations, in the case of disappointment, I continued using what I had on my sleeve of self-knowledge. Inspired by the systemic family thinking 1TP3Biological reprogramming I asked myself, “When and with whom in my life do I feel disappointment?”

It was instantaneous, the question took me to a point of view that I was not able to access with all these repetitive situations in my life and at that moment I gave myself the opportunity to resolve the limiting belief, the judgment that led me to repeat and live situations that I interpreted as disappointments.

In the video below I tell you how it all happened, what I did, I invite you to do the same thing in this step by step. I invite you to exercise a very important human need, the autonomy. Autonomy to resolve your own conflicts.

I used the knowledge of Non-Violent Communication, Biological Reprogramming®, Psych-K® and I share this real life story with you because Contotherapy is this, it is the #onconnection through stories.

In case you wanted to know how to create a strengthening belief or a phrase to be used in mental reprogramming, there is a class available on here inspired by the courses and knowledge related to the beliefs to which I had access.

A hug to you and may this information enrich your inner world.


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