The King Beak of Thrush

Once upon a time there was a princess so beautiful that it was difficult to describe her. But despite the beauty, the girl was arrogant and despised everyone. Her father, the King, wanted to marry her soon, so she organized a reception at which the princess would personally choose her future husband. Noble men from all kingdoms presented themselves as suitors, but the princess found defects in all of them: one was too short, another too tall, another too thin and another too fat ... Another one, however, caused laughter in the princess. He was a young King from a very close kingdom and, as he had a crooked chin, she mockingly said that he resembled the beak of a thrush. Since that day, the young King has become known as the “King of the Beak of the Thrush” and ashamed, the princess's father promised to marry her to the first beggar he met.

One day, a musician who was so filthy and ragged arrived at the palace that he was sorry. The boy wanted to see the King and he played a beautiful song. As payment, the King gave him the princess's hand in marriage. The young woman accepted her father's decision, believing that he would change his mind. After the wedding, the two left for the musician's land, a small kingdom nearby. They walked through beautiful lands and, to the princess's surprise, the husband said they were from the "King Beak of Thrush." The young woman was already sorry to have despised the boy the other day.

In the small house, the husband informed that it was the wife's responsibility to take care of clothes, food, animals and to fetch water and firewood. The woman worked from early to dusk and no longer had that arrogance. When the money ran out, he ordered her to sell vases at the fair. One day, at the fair, a drunk soldier passed by who, stumbling, fell on his vases, breaking them. When telling her husband, he ordered her to go to the King's palace, as there would be a wedding party for one of the princes, and they would need servants.

During the party, the young princess watched everything hidden behind a curtain. Now she knew how foolish she had been. She felt deeply sorry for the way she had behaved. At that moment, the King surprised her and took her to dance. She was ashamed of her dress and appearance. It was then that the young man recognized the "King Beak of Thrush." He explained to her that he had disguised himself as a beggar musician to marry her and also as a drunk soldier to make her humble and more human. Now he knew that she would be a just and very kind queen. And they lived happily ever after!

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    Muito bom mesmo. Adorei

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      Obrigado Helder, fico feliz com seu retorno no post.


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