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In my trajectory, I have training for all tastes and this is due to the fact that I am restless, curious and Gemini with ascendants also in twins. Can I say that my venus is in twins too? Yes, curiosity and communication are strengths in my personality, I have an inclination to think about the meaning and weight of each word because I believe that the word we pronounce not only shows the images of our internal world but also creates the external world that we experience .

After a transformative initiation, I went deeper into Nonviolent Communication and it was such a change in life and paradigm that I started to organize study and practice groups based on the book of the same name. This detox of the dualized mental model of a lifetime's judgment calls for practice. Yes, empathy, compassion, connection, respect, emotional self-knowledge and authenticity in communication need time, space and practice. And I can tell you with certainty, when I give the space requested, life lights up from the inside out and from the outside in, resulting in win-win relationships.

I am also a graduate student in Storytelling and Children's Musicalization and graduated in a Contoexpression course and it was a delight to do this specialization and this course because they deepened my look at this more symbolic scope of life, the importance of stimulating our imagination, the how much the stories build our subjectivity, besides of course having resulted in my participation in the best seller book “Tales that Heal - Emotional Education Workshops through stories”. And before that, I took a course to be Storyteller for my children, and it was there that I discovered this more anthroposphic world of storytelling, where tales are used to develop ourselves and less for presentation performance. It was like opening my head to the possibilities of understanding and elaborating the events of my life through intuition and not just reason. It was magical!

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I graduated in Business Administration and although I passed law and like basics and dialectics, knowing how to manage was fundamental in my curious life. I went to live in the USA where I learned a lot about humility, I went back to Brazil, I went out of the country again, this time in Ireland, and what was supposed to be 1 month, turned over 1 year. I ended up seduced by the friendliness and magic of this island that is known as the green island and ended up staying much longer than I had planned. It was a year of a lot of backpacking in Europe, work as a waitress and also as an administrative assistant at the Stock Exchange. When I came back to Brazil I decided to honor my academic education and the work in consulting and importation was the experience of the time. I got to know my partner again, I mean I got to know him again because we met in graduate school in Planning and Strategic Management but I didn't remember him (because he was from another class!). Life partner, relationship, children, perrengue, joy, travel, debts, dreams, disappointments, achievements, struggles, learnings… I could go on and on, but I am happy to say that he is my love companion.

After that, he didn't give me the corporate consulting life I did anymore and I realized that motherhood was asking for a ticket. I became a cookie designer, went to work at home and sold decorated cookies and brigadeiros on the street, and in this alchemy of the stove, I was preparing the nest to receive the children, I was preparing to make room for the receptive female who knows that all things have the your time. The children came, the bakery went, the conflicts started.

Damn it! Why doesn't anyone warn that the motherhood brings sides to her that social interaction does not bring?

And then, this other part of the journey for myself began to take effect, all previous experiences proved to be important and useful in this sacred place of mother, but they were not nearly enough. We took a training course in something that revolutionized our perception of life and the world and the way we deal with our health, Biological Reprogramming®. With it we solve our health conflicts with information.

Yeah, I know, it seems crazy to solve fever, cystitis, skin allergy, ear pain, and so on, with information, but it is a fact, we have been doing it since then and it is comforting to realize that our children until today have never had to resort to antibiotics or the doctor. Of course, if you need it, that's where we go, but the years are passing by and we don't need it, which I consider to be a great maternal success - because believe me, a lot of information needed to be elaborated - and I'm super willing to share it with you. .

After that, this curious side of myself took me to Personal Coaching and I had to agree with Albert Einstein, these are the questions that move the world.

And since I mentioned Einstein, I need to say that I was taken away from the tales and stories in the sentence in which he says that “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination surrounds the world. ” I'm thrilled!

Currently, we are embarking on a new family adventure. We said goodbye to our things in Brazil and came to live in England. A journey that we do not know when it will end and that, until then, has provided us with great family learning. Here, I have the opportunity to cultivate the seed planted in the storytelling course I took, in addition to the privilege of being able to study at Rudolf Steiner's anthropological college, Emerson College, on whose campus the International School of Storytelling in Sussex and to drink “straight from the source” all this movement of a storytelling that is used for human development.

Today, Contotherapy is that alchemical melting pot of CNV's empathetic listening, these questions that mobilize, this biological, systemic and familiar self-awareness of Biological Reprogramming®, of anthroposophical storytelling, all aligned by the stories, metaphors and symbols of Storytelling.

And I'm here to offer what I've learned, apply and it works.

For those who need a more detailed and technical history of my training, below it is possible to find the path followed

My works

Book Tales That Heal - Publisher Literare Books - Year 2019
Conflict Solutions Manual - Publisher Literare Books - Year 2019

My trajectory 

• Hidden Treasures – Wisdom Tales with Gilly Southwood – Ibalibox – 2021 
• Once upon a lifetime - The meeting place of personal and traditional Wondertales - Emerson College with Roi Gal-Or (co-founder of the International School of Storytelling, based at Emerson College in England) - 2020 - England
• The Craft of Storytelling - Emerson College with Roi Gal-Or (co-founder of the International School of Storytelling, based at Emerson College in England) - 2020 - England
• AIM - Integrative Mind Approach - Diogo Lara - 2020 - Brazil
• Re-Story your Immunity - Workshop - Nancy Mellon - 2020 - USA
• Wired for Story; How to become a Story Genius - Lisa Cron, My Creative Life - 2019 - England
• Bring Your Stories to Life - The Art of Telling Personal True Life Stories - Emerson College with Roi Gal-Or (co-founder of the International School of Storytelling, based at Emerson College in England) - 2019 - England
• The Deeper Magic: A Journey in Story, Sound and Symbol - Emerson College with Ashley Ramsden (the founding director of the School of Storytelling, based at Emerson College in England) - 2019 - England
• At War with Life - NVC Workshop - with Claire O'Sullivan - 2019 - England
• Transgenerationality - Material study - Eleanor Lights - 2018 - Brazil
• Course in Introduction to Fairy Tales by Analytical Psychology by Jung in Practice - 2018 - Brazil
• Course on Contoexpression by EPsiHum (Escuela Psicoexpresiva Humanista from Instituto IASE Spain) - 2018 - Brazil
• Course on Techniques for Narratives and Documentaries by Radioficina - 2018 - Brazil
• Post-Graduation in Storytelling and Children's Musicalization by IBFPós - 2018 - Brazil
• Training in Non-Violent Communication Deepened in Nazaré Universidade da Luz - 2018 - Brazil
• Creative and affectionate writing by Ana Holanda - 2017 - Brazil

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• Access Counsciousness bars with Patrícia Schwartz - 2017 - Brazil
• Training in Nonviolent Communication in Nazaré Universidade da Luz - 2017 - Brazil
• Personal and Self Coaching by IBC - 2016 - Brazil
• Basic Systemic Tarot Course by Marianne Schaffner - 2015 - Brazil
• Storytelling course at the Curitiba Storyteller House - 2015 - Brazil
• Reprogramming Biológica® by Valente Cursos - 2015 - Brazil
• Systemic Pedagogy with Olinda Guedes - 2014 - Brazil
• Basic Psych-K® course by Marina Bernardi Treinamentos - Instructor Beth Holstein - 2013 - Brazil
• Early Life Science - Lecture and study of the material with Eleanor Lights - 2010 - Brazil
• Confectionery Course at Wilton - 2010 - Brazil
• Lead Auditor of Quality Management Systems by EJRos - 2008 - Brazil
• Postgraduate in Planning and Strategic Management at PUC - 2005 - Brazil
• Bachelor of Business Administration from Unioeste - 2004 - Brazil
• Reiki Level I by Vera - 2003 - Brazil


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